Happy Hour, Happy Flight!

"The Happy Hour Bar" in a bar that specializes in bloaty brews and even more bloated waitresses. The more satisfied customers tip, the bigger the waitress’s custom-made uniforms pump up with air, inflating bigger and bigger throughout the night as their tips add up, which adds to the "Happy Hour" appeal.

Cherry appeared to be the most popular lady working tonight, having hit the jackpot, and earning several substantially stacked tips for her exemplary service. This has resulted in a gargantuan bust that easily surpassed all records before.

However, there is a catch to these lovely, inflated beauties. That string sticking out on the back of the uniform? One yank of that is all it takes to pop out the hidden plug -- and like an untied balloon, the waitress goes up, up, and away!

Just like the exaggerated sizes, "pulling the plug" is often a fun game once enough drinks have been consumed by happy drinkers. It's all wonderful fun! Throughout most of the night, Cherry was careful of any groping hands reaching for her string, but alas her luck eventually ran out.

Distracted while helping other guests, she did not see another customer's hand pull hard on the cord. She was momentarily stunned, having just enough time to hear the air starting to leak out and a single "Uh oh..." was all she could manage before she was sent flying away, much to the crowd's delight.

Hissing and spraying air, there's not much she can do but laugh alongside everyone else and wait to come crashing down once she finishes emptying out. Once she gets back up and is plugged back in, she'll have to get even more tips to try and break her newfound size record.

Story by Marmota12
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3300x5100)

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