Help, I Turned my Boss Into a Shortstack

Hi, my name is Milly Watson and I accidentally turned my boss Susan into a sexy little shortstack.

You ask how something like this happens by accident? Well, I have to admit that I've always had a huge crush on Susan.

One day when she had to give this super important presentation and almost freaked out with excitement, I looked for something to help her a little. I found a talisman online that is said to "awaken a woman's inner strength."

Hey, neither of us are superstitious, but sometimes a gimmick like this helps to calm the nerves. Who could have guessed that this ancient talisman was actually real? And that this ancient culture imagined the "inner strength of a woman" to mean perfect fertility and the body that goes with it?

Yes, I know, totally outdated views. However, during the presentation, the talisman did its job, transforming Susan's body into a small, busty form with fertile hips.

Susan was shocked, our clients were shocked, I was shocked as well but also really turned on by it.

Since we still got the order, I was allowed to keep my job... on the condition that I am always at Susan's side to help her with her new form. And hey, condemn me, but this new body of hers is even hotter than her previous one.

And as a side effect, the amulet made Susan horny almost all the time. I'm naturally on hand so she can blow off steam at any time to get on with her work. I can tell you that Susan is enjoying her new status as much as I am.

Story by Callrudy
Artwork by Giusy Ianiello

High resolution (3300x5100)

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