Hotel Infinity's Biggest Maid

Kallinara sighed in frustration for what felt like the hundredth time today. She had walked into another one of Lana's frequent messes. A broken vase littered the carpeted floor with water and flowers scattered about.

Lana, on the ground, with her usual flustered and panicked look. That pitiful look, and the regulations bidden by the Human Council, were usually enough for the clumsy maid to get off with nothing more than a stern talking to. Which was usually followed by a promise to do better by said maid.

But now? The human council was gone and their rules no longer applied. Now, Kallinara could punish the blundering servant girl however she pleased.

The obedience collar was not needed, because unlike that slacker Lexi, Lana actually worked hard and did her job well... when she didn't make a mess.

No, that punishment wouldn't do at all, but Lana did need to properly learn her lesson once and for all, so Kallinara came up with another idea. Hearing the gasps and moans in front of her brought the hotel owner out of her musings.

Kallinara spoke as she watched Lana's curves swell with delight, "Sorry, Lana, but you need to show me that you can handle cleaning rooms like this without making a mess."

Lana gasped and blushed as her curves stretched and tore through her uniform, and begged to be changed back and promised once again to do better.

Kallinara smirked. "You will do better. Once you've figured out how to clean a room without knocking anything over with your... new assets. Now, I believe you have some work to do. Mind the wobbling~"

Story by Daxen123
Artwork by SednaStudio-Wang

High resolution (3300x5100)

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