Inanna, Mystical Adept of the Bust Surge

In the year 2075 on Earth in the Shadowrun universe, Seattle has become a decaying, run-down city populated by gangs, mercenaries, cyborgs, wizards, orcs, trolls, dwarves and elves, all trying to eke out a living in a cyberpunk, corporate, urban nightmare. One type of gang found in the Shadowrun universe is called a wiz gang. Wiz gangs are formed from groups of young and ruthless magicians. They are rather rare, considering how few magic users exist. One wiz gang that can be found in this special version of the Shadowrun universe is the Daughters of Asherah, also known as the Bust Surge. The Bust Surge is made up completely of young women who devote themselves to a deity they call Asherah, or Mother Universe. They demonstrate their mystical power, or closeness to Mother Universe symbolically through the largeness of their breasts. Inanna is a member of this gang. After a recent, victorious battle against the Halloweeners, many members of the Bust Surge found their mystical power levels had increased, as they often do after gaining a good deal of experience using magic. This increase in power was made obvious by the fact that Bust Surge members breasts increase in size proportional to their power. Each increase in breast volume of 20 liters corresponds to a promotion in rank in the Bust Surge. With an orgasmic surge of breast expansion, accompanied by the sound of her special corset stretching to accommodate her huge, swelling breasts, Inanna reached the rank of Surge Mistress. Among her new powers is the ability to grow ten feet tall. She and her sisters are celebrating tonight by throwing a rave for all of their allies and friends. Inanna is secretly “busting at the seams” excited to show off her new assets in a few hours, but is also vigilant for any shit that might go down in the interim. She is ready for anything. She is surging.

Story by BEProfessor
Artwork by SednaStudio-Jago

High resolution (2859x5675)

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