Jerry's Swell Time at the Strip Club

As much as Rick didn't want to admit it, his garage was filling up with inventions he no longer had any use for. He had set up a meeting with a potential buyer who wanted to meet at the intergalactic strip club.

Rick also reluctantly brought Jerry along with him, as he wouldn't shut up about his failing marriage with Beth. Perhaps being at a strip club would be enough to ease his mind? Rick couldn't care less. As long as Jerry didn't interfere with his business, Jerry was free to do whatever the fuck he wanted... a decision that Rick would soon come to regret.

Unlike his son Morty, Jerry hadn't been on that many adventures with Rick. That also meant he hadn't seen as many luscious alien women all in one place. This was something new to him. Jerry could hardly contain himself! It was like being a kid in a candy store. However, as gorgeous as these women were, he secretly preferred thicker and bigger women.

Jerry's mind went into panic mode the moment he recognized a familiar set of three green melons bouncing their way towards him. Jerry quickly jumped behind cover to avoid his ex-girlfriend, Kiara. Luckily, she didn't notice him because she was too preoccupied talking to her new man. Jerry didn't want to admit it, but he felt jealous. Things between them hadn't ended all that well. She did try to kill him, after all. Yet it angered him seeing her with another man. If only there was some way to make her new companion inferior...

When Rick wasn't looking, Jerry stealthily grabbed the "Morphizer-Xe" (a growth ray Rick had previously built but was now intending to sell among his inventions). "I'm sure Rick wouldn't mind if I borrow this for a while," Jerry thought to himself as he rolled the machine out of Rick's sight. Jerry was by no means a scientist. Hell, he couldn't even install antivirus software to his own computer. Operating the Morphizer proved to be a lot more difficult than he'd originally expected. Regardless, he still wanted to make Kiara pay for dumping him.

With a push of a button and a pull of a lever, the machine hummed loudly as a glowing yellow ray shot out and hit the green alien woman instead. Kiara looked down in horror as her three boobs began to swell outwards. She placed her hands upon her growing green flesh, hoping to stop the swelling, but it did no good. Her knockers were becoming so huge and heavy that her arms could hardly contain her growing weight. Kiara moaned as she felt her sensitive skin stretch under her arms. The alien warrior could no longer contain herself and bent down so that her beach-ball-sized chest could flop onto the floor.

Jerry redirected the ray at her vulnerable rear. "Alright, Kiara! Time to balance you out!" Kiara's backside instantly ballooned the moment the ray hit her, causing her to knock down a helpless waitress, which then resulted in said waitress spilling her drinks on some nearby customers. Kiara's hips were soon to follow, becoming wider and thicker to match her growing frame. She looked absolutely ridiculous. Her body now resembled an overinflated sex doll. It wasn't long until her ass surpassed the size of her mighty melons and the weight of her new body became too much to bear. Kiara fell onto the floor, shaking the ground beneath her.

"This thing is amazing! I wonder why Rick wants to get rid of it?" Jerry whispered to himself as he searched for yet another victim to grow, this time selecting a seductive purple dragon shaking her ass on stage. The moment Jerry shot his ray, the dragon's bum jiggled violently as layers of fat swelled up inside her. Each cheek grew as large and heavy as a monster truck tire. Her legs became bulky and thick to support her growing waist. She, however, was completely oblivious to her changes and kept on dancing.

Jerry's heart was pounding with excitement. He hadn't felt this perverted since he was a teenager and he was loving every second of it. Mad with power and lust, Jerry used the Morphizer to swell, expand, and inflate every woman he laid his eyes upon. Soon, the entire strip club was filled with gigantic, overweight women.

However, Jerry's fun was about to come to an end as quickly as it had began.

"Jerry, what the fuck do you think you're doing? I leave you alone for five (BURP) minutes and you've turned every hot space chick into a fat blimp!" Rick pushed Jerry onto the ground. "I told you not to interfere with my business!" Rick began to desperately fiddle with the Morphizer as he tried to reverse the changes Jerry had made to the women. However, the power core inside Morphizer had overheated and the machine was now obsolete.

"I'm sorry, Rick. I don't know what came over me."

The sound of heavy, running footsteps drew closer. It was a sound Rick was all too familiar with. "Freeze! Put your hands up!" the head of security screamed, pointing his gun at Rick and Jerry. "If you insist," Rick quipped as pulled down one of the large, bloated breasts above them. Rick squeezed her nipple, squirting gallons of alien milk towards the security guards. Now that they were distracted, Rick grabbed his portal gun and Jerry before they making his escape.

Story by diego649
Artwork by SednaStudio-Xue

High resolution (3300x5100)

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