Jessica in: Wacky Waving Inflatable Riding

Jessica Rabbit, one of the sexiest cartoon women ever, is having a night with a non-toon stud. Aiming to impress, she has used a fairly well-known toon technique of inflating her body, especially her breasts, with air held in place by nozzles.

Things having begun to heat up, she climbs atop her man and he grabs her breasts. For the stud, this is his first time with a toon and he's is enjoying it very much. Unfortunately, he is unaware of what any male toon knows: "if a woman has a valve or balloon knot on her... leave it alone."

Getting a bit too rough with Jessica, the oblivious hunk accidentally pops her valves open. Almost instantly, Jessica's loses both air pressure and control over her movements. Her entire body bucking and wobbling wildly as the air leaves her body sure feels good for her man, but won't last long...

Story by ErocPoe
Artwork by ZeroHour99

High resolution (3300x5100)

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