Kagura's Weakness

"...and that's why we need you to distract Kagura," Kokonoe concluded.

"All right, but how am I supposed to do that for such a long span of time?" Mai inquired.

"Kagura is easily distracted by the opposite sex, so all we need is a way to make sure you're the biggest distraction around," Kokonoe stated, pulling out a remote control and handing it to Kajun. "And I have just the device for the occasion! With the help of some nanites in your bloodstream, Kajun can amplify your... distraction capabilities as much as necessary. When we're done, we can revert the changes, wipe his memory, and it'll be like nothing ever happened."

"All right, I guess that doesn't sound so bad..." Mai answered. "Can we do a test run beforehand or something?"

"No time," Kokonoe announced, practically shoving Mai and Kajun out of the lab. "I've done plenty of lab tests already, so you don't have to worry about anything. Good luck!"

Upon finding Kagura, Mai approached the man, leaving Kajun to operate the controls. "He's losing focus, better amp up the breasts a little... not enough, let's toggle off her clothes... increase the butt a little... actually, better make that a lot..." Kajun muttered as she fiddled with the controller. Meanwhile, Mai began to moan as the rapid and drastic changes to her body brought unexpected pleasure. Kagura ogled the expanding woman as a steady stream of blood spurted from his nose.
"He keeps getting nosebleeds. I wonder if I could get him to pass out...?" Kajun wondered. "Then I could have Mai all to myself..."

Story by IceWolfkin
Artwork by Wanted Waifus

High resolution (3000x4500)

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