Keia's Little Quirk

Keia and her boyfriend, Locke, were out one day at the mall just for a fun day of light shopping. At one point in this outing Keia managed to buy herself a soda and was drinking through it pretty quickly.

"Whew, I don't know why I got so thirsty all of a sudden." Keia remarked.

"Careful babe, sodas do weird things with you sometimes." Locke commented.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine." Keia replied.

Keia and Locke are special in that they both have the ability to grow and expand themselves. Although Keia has a bit of a "quirk," one that usually occurs when she burps around other people. Her burps have a tendency to cause growth in other people. As Keia and Locke continued their trek through the mall, Keia started to feel a rumbling in stomach.


Locke looked over. "You okay hun?" He asked.

"Uh yeah, just drank a bit too fast." Keia answered. However, her stomach started to rumble and gurgle more.

"Okay. Drank way too much, way too fast." Keia thought to herself. She closed her eyes and took some deep breaths to help quell her stomach. Unbeknownst to her, a passerby, Carol, was starting to walk up past her, busy looking on her phone. Keia stomach didn't stop, Lock looked over to make sure she was okay. Carol was about to pass, but Keia couldn't hold it in anymore. She turned her head.

*BUUURRPPP* Suddenly a mysterious smoke cloud propelled itself from Keia. Keia and Locke looked up and just noticed the woman Keia just burped on, feeling a bit embarassed. Carol herself was in shock of what happened. She noticed a suprisingly sweet smelling scent of fruits and berries. Not from the soda Keia was drinking, but from Keia's Quirk. Suddenly Carol started feeling a warmth in her chest and a tightness in her bra & shirt. Her breasts all of a sudden surged bigger, each one almost twice as big as her head. Keia and Locke looked in shock, Keia with more embarassment and her cheeks blushing red.

"OH MY GOSH! I'm So So So Sorry!" Keia said frantically.

Locke closed his eyes and turned away in some effort to try and not be rude. "Uh... its okay. I know that... ...uh, this... was an accident." Carol said, still in awe at her new size. Keia then stepped toward her.

"How about I offer to buy you some new clothes that fit?" Keia asked nervously in some effort to apologize and mend the awkward situation.

"Uhh... Sure." Carol said kind of mesmerized. Keia & Carol started walking to the nearest clothing store. Locke, still looking away told them that he was going to take some of their things to the car, then wait in the Food Court.

"Do either of you want anything?"

Keia thought for a moment. Then blushingly said, "Maybe just a water."

Story by Mlocke
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2102x3150)

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