Kim Possible's Mishap

"MMPPH" was all Kim could say in her current predicament.

It had been a month since she was turned into a party balloon after getting knocked out by Shego, who had discovered a perfect way to humiliate her long-time nemesis.

After Kim was injected with an experimental chemical, she was then inflated with helium until she was nice and taut. Shego would often squeeze parts of her body, which made a lovely squeaking sound.

Shego made sure to keep Kim inflated to the brim, especially whenever she felt like Kim was deflating even the tiniest bit. Shego's henchmen also had fun with Kim Possible. They would play volleyball or spin her around or grope her butt and breasts much to her displeasure.

Kim's train of thought was interrupted when she heard the sound of wheels and footsteps coming towards her jail cell (which was purposely left open to mock her current inability to movie). It was Shego with a helium tank ready to inflate her for the 43rd time.

"You know," Shego said sadistically, dangling a coil of strings in front of Kim's face, "since you were such a good balloon, I decided to take you out for a walk in the street so everyone could see the beautiful blimp that you are."

Kim Possible blushed and tried to protest but Shego had already tied the string around her lips and started dragging her towards the door. Kim could only steel herself and prepare for the most embarrassing moment of her life.

Story by 12345ghost
Artwork by Giusy Ianiello

High resolution (4950x7650)

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