Lab Test Breach

One night two college students, Carter and Ethan, participate in a brand new experiment that they honestly hadn't read any of the details about.

Thoroughly caught off guard by the effects of the experiment on their bodies, they swiftly lose control of themselves and focus on pleasuring themselves, heedless of anything happening around them as the rate of their growth quickly surpasses what was expected from the experiment and breaches the test chamber.

Lydia, the young lab assistant who had been observing the two young guys' transformation from the floor to ceiling window of the test chamber, is caught off guard as the two guys' growing bodies cause a breach, exposing her to the transformative agent.

Feeling her body quickly starting to react to the agent and transforming, she stumbles into the test chamber with the two guys, knowing that there should still be enough room in there to hopefully lessen the damage dealt to the lab as her transformation takes hold and becomes too much for her to handle.

Story by MagnustheRed
Artwork by Everton Sousa

High resolution (4961x3508)

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