Lexi's Blowup 2

"Stop it, Katrina! She can’t take it!" April pleaded, but Samantha just lazily waved her hand.

"Oh, calm down, let her have her fun. First interesting moment on this tour."

"Full?" Gina interjected, watching Lexi balloon outward again, "Heavens no, she is only at approximately 20 percent capacity now. You can tell by the lack of mobility! But the extraction rooms are only for subjects and staff, Miss April."

"That’s all?!" Katrina pouted. "Fine, that sounds dumb anyway. I won’t bother then, I guess we can just plump her up like a balloon whenever we feel bored. Best stay on my good side if you don’t want to leave here any fatter! Out of the way, blimp."

“Oof... you’re going to... you’re going to pay for this... Mmy body... my beautiful... MMhhmm body... I’ll... I’ll...” Lexi muttered, though Katrina’s grin was still wide as can be.

“You’ll do what? I think you forget who made you a balloon in the first place. Other than your own foolish self, of course. I’d be much more… obedient, if I were you...” She said, holding her fingers as if she was about to snap yet again.

Story by Nevacloud
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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