Mega Kim 2

After finishing her special flower drink, Kim pines wanted more. She dug into her pocket and ordered the special extra large drink combo for four, and soon heard the doorbell ring. Realizing she couldn’t get the door with her immense size left Kim worried... until she saw it was a delivery drone. She signaled it to come through the window and drop off the drinks in front of her, then proceeded to slurp down all four cafe drinks like they were mini water bottles.

Almost immediately a familiar sensation returned, as her breasts started tingling with a much bigger intensity. As Kim began rubbing her enlarged breasts to calm the tingling sensation, a different feeling came: an immense pressure starting to build up inside her breasts. As the pressure began rising higher, her breasts' tingling sensation became almost unbearable, and Kim began massaging her gigantic breasts in an attempt to find any form of relief. Each stroke of her hands against the enormity of her breasts only made them larger, and Kim’s arousal skyrocketed as her breasts kept growing, until they eventually finally filled the room. Kim’s breasts then started rubbing against the walls and ceiling, the inescapable friction making them grow even moreso.

Breaking out of the house with breasts as big as a house, Kim finally felt relief... until the pressure inside her breasts changed into a burning feeling as her breasts only seemed to multiply in size. Kim’s breasts became as big as a mansion on the city block, the pressure finally hitting its climax as her enlarged nipples released a torrent of milk through the city streets.

Finally, as the growth stopped, Kim lovingly hugged and massaged her engorged breasts. Maybe ordering one more thing from the cafe to perk herself up wouldn’t hurt... right?

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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