Military Research

Vanessa is Chris' live-in girlfriend. She is someone who can be described as the quiet gothic girl. She loves reading fantasy novels, especially the science fiction ones, an affinity which she and Chris share. This is what attracts Chris to her. She is not the typical girl guys like Chris go for (in fact she is the complete opposite). One day she discovered what Chris' fantasy girls looked like. At first she was disgusted by these over tanned fake bimbos with huge round silicone orbs glued to their chest. Their bodies looked like something out of a adult comic book in the clearance isle or in a fan service manga at your local Japanese Anime store. She wanted to be the object of her man's fantasies, she wanted to look like these girls but with her own flair. But how? She was not a witch or biochemist but she knew someone who was both. Her friend Sara that is. Sara works at the University in the bio-chemistry lab as a professor. She remembered Sara talking about this formula that she had been working on. Combining both science with magical potions to produce what Sara called the 'ultimate love potion'. She instructed her that it takes about 20 minutes to take affect once she drinks the potion. The affects will allow Vanessa to take control of her body and morph it into what ever she likes and she can also control her lover body too when touches it. Vanessa races back from the university excited to try out her new potion. She parks her car and runs up to the apartment. Her hands trembled with excitement as she opened the test tube. Her small thin lips wrapped around the tube. She then tipped the test tube backwards as the bright green fluid disappeared into her mouth. 'Now I wait,' she though. Twenty minutes felt like a lifetime, she felt like time stood still waiting for her potion to take affect. Finally time was up and like clock work she felt a warm wave flow through her body. Her body tingled like it was being charged with electrical energy. 'I'm home!' Chris yelled like something out of a 90's sitcom. 'In here' she purred. Chris walked in a flipped on the lights. 'What are you up to?' he asked playfully. 'Just watch' she said. Her breasts begin to swell and grow rounder with perfect spherical shape, her nipples thickened in girth and length tripling in size. Her tits grew massive ripping through her tiny shirt. She began growing taller ripping through her thin panties and shirt. 'Yes' she said grow baby grow' Grabbing her now increasingly giant breasts. Her body arched back and forth with pleasure as she screamed 'oh god yes, more, more!' Chris watched with amazement as his mousy tiny girlfriend was transformed into this raven haired amazonian porn star. He felt his cock straining against his slacks. 'Come here' she said he acknowledged happily. 'I have a few more surprises for you' she purred. Vanessa pulled Chris' very hard cock out of his pants. She then opened her mouth as she her tongue lengthened and wrapped around Chris' cock. 'Holy shit!' he said. He watched his cock grow 6x what it was into a monster. She then took his cock in her mouth and deep-throated the whole slowly straining her mouth around the massive meat. Chris and Vanessa had sex all night and at the end she finally asked him: 'So... am I your fantasy girl now' 'Hell yeah.' 'Good then take me my love'

Story by Azrael
Artwork by Crimson

High resolution (5000x7028)

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