More Testing

It turns out that, even though Tyffani is indestructible, getting railed by an 11 foot tall Tauren's 36 inch long 4 inch thick cock still makes walking difficult...

After cleaning herself up and regaining the ability to walk, Tyffani went straight to testing a new potion. This time the potion was made to satisfy her "fat" fetish. Tyf was certain she had gone slightly overboard with a couple of the ingredients, so the first test was just a shot glass.

She stepped on the giant scale she built into her lab's floor. "[185.7 lbs]," the display read. "Let's pump those numbers up a bit," she joked as she slammed back the shot.

With only a gurgle of her stomach before it took effect, Tyffani instantly ballooned in size. She squeezed and caressed and jiggled her new rolls. Looking up at the display, she gasped. It read "[474.25 lbs]"! "After only a shot glass!?"

The (now flabby) goblin swiftly grabbed the gallon-sized container that contained the rest of the potion and started chugging it. After the 3rd gulp, she started to grow rapidly. By the time the gallon was empty, she covered 2/3 of the floor. Her scale was shorting and out flashing "[9999.999 lbs; ERROR]".

While Tyffani obviously couldn't walk anymore, she could still somewhat move. She rocked back and forth, making ever last inch of her fat jiggle. The bloated goblin smiled ear to ear.

Story by iron-ninja327
Artwork by Altercomics-Gabriel Rearte

High resolution (5126x3322)

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