My Funny Blueberry Valentine

Never take food or drinks from the fridge that don't belong to you. You never truly know what you'll get. That is the Lesson.

Faye always raids the fridge when no one is looking, and will never admit it even when the evidence is on her lips. However, this time she really should've thought to read the label on the bottle she just chugged. About a week ago, Spike and Jet collected a bounty on a chemist that was spiking drinks across the solar system. They'd already collected his bounty, but they'd forgot the bottle in the fridge... which was one of his experiments. One week later, that bottle is now pouring down the back of Faye's throat.


The sudden and loud burp she made caught Faye off guard, but her attention quickly turned to the bulging blue belly that already made her look like she was 12 months pregnant. "Oh god! Where the hell did that come from?!" Within seconds, the blue on her bulging belly spread to the rest of her body and she suddenly found it really hard to move. Her arms and legs swelled at record speed, and soon she was having trouble even standing. Her clothes were feeling so tight on her. It felt like she was gonna burst!

"Come on! Just a bit... Whoa! Whoa! WHOA!" An attempt to move only made things worse, causing her to he fall forwards. "OOF!!"

SNAP! Her red shirt finally gave out as she fell. Now Faye couldn't get up or move at all. To make matters worse, she was starting to feel... wet. it didn't take her long to realize she was leaking blueberry juice from her boobs and her vagina, straight through her clothes.

"This couldn't get any worse."

Lesson. Lesson. Never say that out loud. That's the lesson.


"Oh no."

"Woof! WOOF!!"

"Ein! Get away from-!"

"Yip yip!"

"No! Don't lick- ackpth! I'm not a treat, you damn mutt! Didn't you learn anything from the mushrooms?!"

Blueberries are juicy and tasty, but not to be trusted. That is the lesson.

Story by Captain Rocko
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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