Never Mix Your Potions 2

Selphie had a hard time stifling a moan as she felt the A/C switch on in the observation room for the latest testing of her formula. Her libido was still raging and any shirt or bra was way too rough on her sensitive nipples, which caused her to wander the lab topless (and panty-less) for the last few months as she slowly adjusted to her new body and breasts. She had to spend nearly an hour every six days milking her breasts and squirming on the floor as the pump did its work. Finally after all her research she was ready to test a new variant of her concoction. She peered through the two way mirror at her newest subject: a young college woman with silky brown hair, lovely brown eyes and a beautiful pixie face. Selphie could only hope she got the formula right for this one so she could become the bustiest and richest woman in the world. With that in mind, she pressed the button to begin the test. Sarah was quick to sign up for a medical trial in hopes of paying off her student loans. She barely read the fine print and caught some mumbo jumbo about increased breast size and possible increase in sensitivity. She'd always felt like she was lacking in the chest department at a small b cup, and felt her friends with the bigger boobs always got more attention. That minor jealousy coupled with growing student loans forced her to start doing medical trials. When she found the ad in the paper she could hardly believe her eyes and quickly went down to the clinic to be a test subject. Now Sarah sat in the experiment room, with naught but a cold metal table and a second chair to keep her company. She was told the experiment shouldn't take more than an hour and she'd be on her way with the two thousand dollars she was promised for participating in the trial. She drummed her fingers waiting for someone to come in and give her something, either a drink or a pill. Her anticipation was starting to get to her when she suddenly heard the sound of air rushing in. Sarah's eyes went wide as the pink mist floated down from the sky and quickly felt a sting of fear as it enveloped the room. Her fears were quickly calmed when the scent was that of strawberries and vanilla. She took a deep breath and enjoyed the scent. It was when her heart started to race that she began to worry again. A warmth began to take over Sarah's body centring in her chest and soon felt herself short of breath. She reached up to her chest in reaction and found two large lumps where her breast were. Constrained tightly by her bra, her breasts had quickly grown without her notice. She quickly reached behind her and undid her bra and removed her shirt to watch her breasts continue to grow. The delightful scent continued to linger in the room as her breasts proceeded to pass the size of her head without any sign of slowing down. Meanwhile there was another distraction as a warmth began to work its way between her legs causing her to squirm in her seat. The pink haze slowly dissipated and the heat cooled from between her legs. Her breasts came to a slow stop in their growth shortly after. She blinked a few times as she stared at her now massive breasts. Her smile widened as she barely managed to reach around her heavy breasts. Now she'd be the one to receive all the attention her group, and she just paid for her next semester too. She had a few ideas on how to pay for the rest of school as well.

Story by Anrilor
Artwork by SednaStudio-SUN

High resolution (2480x3508)

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