New Experiment on Lumia Island 2: Further Testing

After Dr. Nadja reported the experiment’s results to him, Dr. Meiji assigned her to perform further tests with the promise of a non-VF subject for a future test down the line.

Dr. Nadja wasted no time in gathering her test subjects for her second test. After corralling a trio of test subjects into the test chamber, she made her way to the observation room.

“The experiment will now begin,” she announced, pressing a button and releasing the gas into the test chamber once more.

The effects of the gas were immediately obvious: the three test subjects began to expand, soon bursting free from their now far too tight clothing.

As the changes slowed to a stop, Nadja noted, “The variety of results warrants further study… and we still need to test the results of continued exposure… All subjects so far have experienced breast growth and sudden lactation… Test subject 18M-RFT37’s milk appears to be an abnormal color. I should look into that…”

Story by Star Breaker
Artwork by WantedWaifus-Melv

High resolution (3000x4500)

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