One Extra Large, Please.

"Face it, Amber, you've been fooled. Just because a shady woman with huge boobs sells you a spell to make your ladies grow, doesn't mean it will work." Amber recited the saying, "Crescere, crescere..." Unfortunately, nothing happened.

Deeply absorbed in her spell scroll, Amber distractedly mumbled a "thank you" between a few more "cresceres" as Lyn the waitress brought her another coffee.

Amber was getting angry and looked down at her flat chest. "Damn, that can't be that hard. Crescere, crescere, cres..."

When Lyn had served her strange customer and was about to return to the counter, she felt a pinch in her chest. Looking down, she saw her uniform tighten as her breasts began to grow. She stared down at herself in disbelief as her blouse ripped open and her now melon-sized breasts made their way to freedom.

Lyn looked around in embarrassment and disbelief, only to see that the other guests were ignoring her. Apparently the other women here had the same problem as her. Growing breasts erupted from shirts and blouses, accompanied by shocked shouts and occasional moans.

Startled, Lyn looked back at her breasts, which were so massive and huge that she could hardly stand up. It had to have something to do with that murmur from her client and her strange scroll. Lyn turned and tried to get back to the table, but couldn't stay on her feet.

Luckily she didn't fall low, as her huge breasts stopped her fall. Panicking, Lyn tried to shout at her client, but the woman couldn't hear any sound from her surroundings through her headphones.

Amber was angry. She packed her things and slammed the money on the table. Without looking back into the coffee shop, she stomped outside. On the way out she crumpled up that stupid scroll and tossed it carelessly to the wind.

Story by Callrudy
Artwork by Altercomics-Churin

High resolution (7576x5427)

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