One Swell Tune

In an alternate universe, a very different tablet was dug up which revealed a very different tune...

While the other tune made women expand, this tune only caused them to swell. Which is what Sydney did when she sat down to listen to it for the first time, swelling out in every direction more and more with every beat of the music.

Her bandmates, worried for their lives, fled out of the garage and left Sydney to fill up further and further. Her breasts filled out until she looked just like a sphere with massive yoga balls attached to it, but her body soon hit its first limit. With the juice unable to make any more room within her body, it started seeping from her every hole.

With more juice being produced inside her body than what could be sprayed or oozed out; her skin grew tight as a drum. The sloshing and gurgling stopped, slowly turning into creaks and groans. Her skin turned from a nice, bluish-purple hue to an angry dark blue as her skin grew thinner.

Sydney knew that she wouldn't last too much longer, but she was so mentally overwhelmed by the oddly erotic feeling of her skin growing continuously more taut and sensitive that she simply couldn't care. The cold floor beneath her sent shivers of pleasure throughout her entire body, prompting her to moan out in euphoric bliss. Soon enough, the stretch marks spreading across her body began to seep juice as Sydney hit her limit.

With one... final... moan... escaping her mouth...

Sydney burst, spraying blueberry juice and ooze all over the garage. All that remained of her were tattered clothes, shredded shoes, and a massive puddle of juice.

Story by Sloths_Pastime
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (5100x3300)

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