Ever since the incident with the modified vacuum, Saori had become insatiable. She couldn't forget the sensation of having such absurdly large tits; such wonderful tits!

When the effects had worn off, she swore to herself that she would recreate the glory of having such inflated tits. She would get her chance. After some online purchases and careful planning, she had acquired a helium tank from a party store dumping old tanks. Her theory was that, any gas would work, so long as it was pressurized like the vacuum had been.

And indeed her theory had been proven true.

"Gorging" herself, she lounged in the water with truly enormous breasts. Far larger than any realm of sanity or reason, and far too large for the bikini top she had been wearing, so she had shed it soon after she had begun inflating.

There was, however, a catch. Saori had already been pushing the limits when she made her breasts bigger than her body in the heat of the moment. Normally, it was not enough to do more than float on the water despite the large volume of helium inside her, but nearly enough.

However, hot air rises, and her breasts were soaking up the Sun's heat as she floated in the water. It had taken her a moment to realize, that she was now floating above the water rather than in it! Still, it was too late. The balloon-breasted teacher was in for a flight of fancy, thanks to her buoyant and voluminous boobs.

Story by BoobTube
Artwork by Wolfgee

High resolution (5100x3300)

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