P-Balloon Havoc: Zelda's Ass-tonishing Discovery

"My, what's this?" Zelda said, suddenly falling to her hands and knees to examine the mysterious item. Today had been a goldmine of discovery for her, from logging new flowers, to small animals.

She thought she had just seen some sort of frog, however when she had gotten lower to look for it, instead she found what looked like a balloon. Carefully she reached for it with both hands, only for it to pop upon her touch. Both Link and her flinched at the sound.

"Goodness! What a shame, I didn't know I was that hard-handed, maybe I need to-" Zelda seemed to shiver. "O-oh. I feel strange. Like...kind of bloated, I-"


Zelda blinked a few times and felt her face flush red as she felt her rear end rapidly expand to several times its previous size. This was certain an... 'interesting' discovery...

Story by Fate-Full
Artwork by WantedWaifus

High resolution (3000x4650)

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