Payback Time

Today had to be Emma's lucky day. Not only had she completed her many years of research on her body modification device, she'd also met her two rivals by chance in the university corridor. Melanie was the editor-in-chief of the campus newspaper. In a recent article she'd made fun of not only Emma's research, but also whether there would ever be people who would have sex with crazy nerds like Emma. Chloe the cheerleader, meanwhile, had bullied Emma every day since she'd stumbled in the cafeteria and accidentally spilled her lunch on Chloe's new shoes.

"This is an opportunity for a bit of revenge... and a field test." Emma smiled at the thought.

Just a few quick adjustments on her device, and Melanie's breasts and vagina began to enlarge rapidly. Emma made Melanie's clit and nipples extra large and sensitive. That was already the first success: Melanie was experiencing the orgasm of her life in the middle of the campus hall! That would teach her to joke about other people's sex lives!

Emma had other things in mind for Chloe. Just a few settings later and Chloe's tall, slender figure faded as her height began to shrink. To compensate for the loss of inches and feet, Emma gave Chloe boobs the size of beach balls. These, naturally, burst out of the condensed woman's cheerleading uniform. For some counterweight, Emma let Chloe's bum grow out. Finally, huge feet rounded off the package so that she could still stand upright.

"Try cheerleading with those," Emma thought as Chloe looked down at her new body in shock. Best of all, there were enough students there to let the scene go viral. Besides the satisfaction that Melanie and Chloe's humiliating transformations would stay on the net forever, Emma probably wouldn't have to worry about finding an investor for her work now!

Story by callrudy
Artwork by Octo

High resolution (2038x3150)

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