Phone Phantom

Sadayo Kawakami was grading papers after school when she heard a ringtone playing. The sound came from a student's desk. She reasoned a student must have forgotten their phone and already went home. Nevertheless, smartphones weren't allowed in school.

She followed the ringtone to the desk it originated from. She wasn't surprised it turned out to be the transfer student's desk. She leaned forward and reached inside for the phone. She could give it back to him tomorrow, but she would make sure to reprimand him for being so careless.

That's when she noticed he didn't have a lock on his phone. She smirked as mischievous thoughts entered her mind. "He won't mind if I take a quick peek," she assured herself. "Let's see what you're always looking at during class."

She went straight to the group chat messages.

At that moment, Futaba Sakura got an alert that someone other than Joker was using his phone thanks to the tracker she placed in it. Futaba accessed the camera to see who it was. She was relieved to see it was just Joker's homeroom teacher. But that didn't mean it wasn't a breach of security. Futaba quickly locked the phone and smiled as she activated the cognitive security measures. "She can't snoop around his phone if she's too busy freaking out about her new assets. I'm sure Joker will start paying more attention in class from now on. Ann might be a different story."

Suddenly, the phone turned itself off and wouldn't turn back on without a code. Kawakami was visibly disappointed, but only for a moment as her body started to feel strange. She could feel her clothes tightening. Then rapidly her breasts and posterior grew to massive proportions. Thankfully her clothes hadn't ripped, but she could only stand in confusion.

"What just happened?"

Story by Studio
Artwork by Shonemitsu, Yuri Di Curzio

High resolution (3508x4961)

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