Quarantine Blue Balls

The man with the ring began his call with the lithe California blond he met when he was last in that part of the country.

"Hey, babe. Remember me?"

"How could I forget, stud?"

"How are you doing?"

"Well, we're fine, but I need something."

"Name it, babe."

"It's been so long since... you know. The last time you and I went at it. I need it again."

"Well, pandemic and all, or I would be there immediately. What can I do for you to make this work long distance?"

She smiled seductively. His masculine body turned her on... and his power in that little ring drove her crazy.

"Remember how big my girls got last time?"

"Of course."

"Well, I was going to suntan outside, and I wanted to show off again."

"How much?"

"Hmmm... they're not small, but how about at least a good melon size?"

The man smirked.

"What's in it for me, way over here?"

He flexed, showing off his perfect body. He could just bulk up by imagining any part of him to just become the size he wanted, but he liked teasing women who knew his power.

"Next time I see you, I'll drain your balls."

"Fair warning: they've grown since last time. Let's get you ready for bikini season."

She felt a warmth as her chest began to grow from her perfect C cups to round and firm DD cups.

"Oh, yah... hmm... nice work, stud. They're sensitive, but..."

"But what?"

"Is this all I get?"

He gave her a gun show - enlarging his biceps as he did.

Cooing as yet another blast of transformative magic hit her from across the country, the beautiful blond bombshell took her shirt off to let her tits out. Her nether regions were drenched.

"Better now?"

"Sure, honey, but we're just getting started."

She felt the next wave of growth, her DDs growing out again. The swelling, round teardrop forms hit F cups, capped by erect nipples. She started playing with them as her (now soaked) pussy visibly swelled larger. Her playing was interrupted as she glanced back at her screen to witness her stud man-spreading to reveal a throbbing manhood under his shirt and up to his chin. Below were two giant testicles that filled his boxer briefs, nearly a melon each. Her mouth watered thinking of how long it would take to empty him.

"Give us a good look, babe. Twirl around."

The expanding blond got up with the camera, getting a profile of her magnificent new tits, tight ass, and swollen groin. She was on the verge of cumming. She was leaking onto her own legs.

The man leaned in tight on his camera, still hard as a rock.

"You're gonna send some pics of your suntan, right?"

"Whoa, yes... yes..."

"Are they big enough?"

"Oh yes... they're... wonderful..."

"This will last a while, but they'll shrink back a bit eventually... hmm. You need some more - just to make sure you're the hottest thing going!"

She was going to respond, but she felt her breasts growing again. She finally came, a long and slow orgasm building up within her suddenly erupting with a seemingly explosive force. Her breasts were larger than her head, but she couldn't figure out the size. The pleasure overwhelmed her. She held her massive tits, secure in knowing she'd be this huge for at least a week. Waves of pleasure washed over her as she tightly groped them.

"Have to go fuck someone, but call any time. Let me know how those worked out for you."

She was only too happy to call again the next time she needed something.

Story by buckeye5
Artwork by Victor Serra

High resolution (3300x5099)

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