Quirk Malfunction

Mt. Lady decides to strengthen her quirk one day after seeing all the students at UA trying so hard. To start, she deeply focuses her mind and tries growing individual parts of her body... but nothing happens (other than her whole body growing to its default "giantess" height).

Soon afterwards, however, she feels a small, unusual sensation in her chest and rear... but nothing else happens. Assuming the sensation was a figment of her imagination, Mt. Lady shrinks back down to try again at focusing her power on individual parts of her body.

A couple deep breathes and a second attempt later, Mt. Lady is stunned by the sight of her breasts and ass expanding to extraordinary proportions... only to realize that the rest of her has still grown in size well past her usual limits!

Now towering over the entire city she calls home, Mt. Lady can't help but be aroused by her impossibly powerful and sexy body!

Story by GooPink
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (5001x7483)

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