R. Mika Gets Huge

After another successful pro wrestling match, Rainbow Mika stayed afterwards to hype the crowd a bit (and to further promote herself). Once she sensed they were excited enough, Mika pulled a small pill out of her cleavage.

"You guys want to see me get huge in the world of wrestling because I'm so cool and awesome, right? Well... do you want to see just how huge I can be?!"

With a roar of cheers, Mika pressed the pill into her mouth. Her figure grew a little curvier before the pill had even made its way to her stomach. Within seconds, her body was bloating up all over. Her breasts, hips, and ass cheeks expanded out to great spheres while her arms and legs widening into thick, doughy pillars. Even her neck and cheeks lost definition as she began to feel lighter and lighter. As the amazed crowd watched, Mika lifted off the mat, her body rounding out as she inflated bigger and bigger, more and more of her body losing definition as she drew taut and spherical. By the time Mika's growth stopped, she was so big that the ring would have pinned her down if she wasn't currently floating several feet above it!

She was entirely spherical now. If her leotard hadn't (somehow) stretched around her swelling body, one wouldn't have been able to tell her back from her front. The only things keeping Mika from being a completely smooth sphere were five dimples in the blue and white-clad flesh-blimp, marking her hands, feet, and head (the last of which was only identifiable from the rest by the pair of blonde pigtails dangling from it like the too-short string of an errant balloon).

"Now this is getting huge!" Mika snickered as the crowd went wild.

Story by guiterman80s
Artwork by Arieta-Purple

High resolution (3300x5100)

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