Remote Cosplay: Bimbo Pyra

Rika is still trapped in dimension SX3-R and forced to service a certain amount of customers before the collar around her neck unlocks.

Earlier today, Rika was assigned to go to a Love Hotel to see a client with a distinct fetish for cosplay. An easy enough request to fulfill, seeing as the collars that all of the sex workers are wearing provide the ability to transform both their bodies and the outfits to fit their customer's every need or want. Upon reaching the hotel, Rika noticed subtle changes beginning to happen to her. That could only mean that her client was soon to enter the room...

Her body twisted and morphed until she matched the shape, her skin color, and hair color of Pyra from XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 2. Next came her clothing, which would transform to become exactly like Pyra's... that is, until Rika noticed that it was a way more revealing and "slutty" version of the character's wardrobe. As Rika left the bathroom to enter the bedroom, she felt her boobs and ass growing and stretching the already slim fabric as she became insanely hot and bothered while she waited for her favorite customer to burst through the door.

Rika was now ready to service another customer to get the counter down on her collar. Only 74 more to go!

Story by KiroXIII
Artwork by Emanuele Parascandolo

High resolution (3300x5100)

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