Royal Rolling

Caitlyn moaned as she felt Vi somehow continue to make her massive form move inch by inch. Whether the moan was due to how impossibly bloated she was, how embarrassed she was, or how turned on she was to feel all the might of her muscular girlfriend's arms press down on her, she could not say.

This day had started when Caitlyn had made a discovery, a hextech invention that could bring what she assumed would forever remain a closeted fantasy into reality. She had planned to only test it when she came out about her kink to Vi, but the second she had gotten back to her room, she was far too eager, and that eagerness made her far too embarrassed to consider explaining all this to Vi. However, while a sexual fantasy is beautiful and potent in your head, bringing it to reality is not always a smooth transition...

...especially when it involves turning into a giant orb filled with fruit juice.

At first, it was everything she could have imagined and more. The sensations, the flavor, the pressure as her stomach and bottom pressed outward like a tough water balloon hit with a sudden spray. Then, as movement became more limited, reality set in. How long would this go on? How would she get back to her original size? Why the hell did she not change out of her Enforcer uniform first? And... why... the hell... could she not spit out the invention?

Her mind was self aware, but her continued chews and swallows told a different story. With a whimper she attempted to walk towards the door, only to stumble as she waddled instead. Looking up, she realized just how far away her door was, and how fast she was growing...

"Hnnnnggg..." Vi groaned before stopping. "Damn! What the hell am I even doing? You're too big for the door now. What are we going to do?!"

Caitlyn attempted to answer, but through swollen cheeks it was incomprehensible.

Vi sighed. "Well at the very least I'll get ya outta the way of these pillars, where there's more room." The punk woman shook her head at how ridiculous she felt saying this all out loud, but went back to pushing her immense, round girlfriend. Caitlyn again called out to her, but again all that came were muffled moans.

"It's okay, Cupcake. I won't let anything happen to you," Vi said with conviction, though she was beginning to feel heavier... yet she wasn't especially tired.

Story by Fate-Full
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (5100x3300)

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