Scenes from the Mall

The student was on his way from an old mall back to campus, finding himself in an old, unrenovated corner of the 80s mall with fake greenery, big built-in plastic and wood seating, and tile floors. He got there early but just found two others waiting for a bus. The thing he couldn't tear his eyes from was a bombshell blond that had a perfect set of tits. He felt out of his league, but when his eyes wandered to the stud next to her he felt like a different species.

His jaw began to open when he noticed the muscled Greek god next to her. He couldn't help his eyes going lower. The guy sat manspread and advertised a massive lump in his crotch. It was the only thing that took his eyes off the giant set of breasts. He was shocked these two were just sitting there in real life.

His stare was long, but the man with the ring already noticed him. The blond also leaned in, and whispered to the man with the ring, "Think he needs some help?"

He whispered back, "Why not. You game?" She nodded and the god among men talked with the shocked guy. "Hey, Is there a problem?"

With a shock, the student's head jerked upward with a guilty look. "I... I didn't mean to bother you. Oh... Sorry, I was waiting... just waiting..."

The hyper hung guy smiled. "We're not mad. If you want a better look at Cindy's tits, she'll be happy to show off. But why did you pause on me?"

"I'm sorry, I noticed you work out. A lot."

Ring man's dick flexed. "Thanks, but working out can't make a certain part bigger. See anything you like?"

With a blush, the student said, "Oh, no... I'm not gay or a pervert... I just..."

"Couldn't miss it?" the blonde seductively added.

"YES!" the student said with a nod.

"It's okay. So what do you think?"

"It's massive, I mean you're lucky! That must be great... for her..."

"Ask what you wanted to ask."

Looking around, he got quieter. "What does that thing feel like? I mean it's huge."

"Well, you like yours, right? So it's about triple the feeling you get."

The student didn't seem to like the answer.

"How about we let you experience it yourself?"


"Cindy, dear, show him your gift. You'll love this."

He watched the blond arch her back and push her hair back. Her tits were on display, nipples hard, but he noticed her tits swell up. She didn't burst her sports bra, but shit, they were the size of her head and perfect spheres.

"Holy shit, others will see..."

"Oh, I doubt it. Don't worry. Now, we only had her breasts at DD cups for the bus but since we'll be here a bit, she can let her hair down a bit. She only dates guys bigger than her dildos. Right, dear?"

"Hell yeah. I got a giant ten-incher. But I'd ignore it for more meat."

"We're not trying to make fun of you - she'd happily fuck the sense out of you. In fact, I'll help you. If you want."

The student gave a blank stare. "Is there a camera around? You're just fucking with me."

"No jokes. Feel that?" The student's crotch felt a bit warm and heavier. "That's your balls filling up like water balloons. They're now doing the work of five nuts apiece. All the sperm you'll ever need."

The guy felt it, sat, and spread his legs as his balls began to grow larger. He felt like he had to nut really bad.

"Not yet, your tool needs an upgrade first. Here's one that she won't keep her hands off."

He felt his dick elongate, pushing out and across his underwear. The flesh tube looked at least a foot long but it began to get fatter. His new rod was plumping up, nearly twice as thick. The blond was licking her lips as the guy felt his new gear up.

"Don't worry, you're fine. That monster is real, and it works just fine. Just ask her."

"Want to go home with me, big guy?"

The guy was still too focused on his giant dick to notice the girl walk next to him. Her hand went out and caressed his giant prick. He immediately went hard and shot a volley of cum across the trio and onto a fake tree.

The giant white mass was more than he thought possible, but the other man reassured him.

"Feel better? You'll shoot that much again in a few seconds. And the first time after growth, no one really holds it in for long."

The girl had to add, "I got the touch, babe. Are you game?" Her fingers were drumming his tight scrotum through the underwear. "Come on, feel these and tell me you don't want to play with me."

His hands shot up from his giant prick to her giant tits. From the groping, the answer was yes, he wanted to fuck her into next week. The guy walked next to him and the girl, and the student snapped out of what he just did.

"Oh hell, I didn't mean to shoot... did I hit you? I shouldn't have done that..."

"Dude, calm down. See, the cum is gone. Now, you promise to get her home and satisfy her? She's not my girlfriend, just a good friend with benefits about to spill out of her bra. The dick is yours to keep, if you want it. I could shrink you back..."

"Wait. Please don't." Before the guy got to defend his new endowment the girl was jumping in, tits still jiggling.

"What do you say, friend? Think of the feeling, the morning wood, her titty fucking your log." The student put his hand out, and the ring guy's muscled arm went out and gave him a firm handshake, adding, "If you hurt her, I'll shrink it so much you'll envy baby carrots."

The student thought for a minute, and asked, "Is this some sort of curse? Like she's the only woman who I can... penetrate safely?"

"I've had my powers a while, and there's more women that can take anything between male legs. I'll give you a number just in case there's a problem." They exchanged numbers and the girl and student walked off to the bus.

The guy with the ring did have a schedule to keep. He walked off to the parking lot. Two nymphos with tits that covered his bed were fighting over broom sticks. His dick was sorely missed and he hated to keep ladies waiting and wanting.

Story by buckeye5
Artwork by Altercomics-Eduardo Bazan

High resolution (4074x5999)

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