Sentinels of the Multiverse: Baron Blade and the Size Altering Device

After Baron Blade used his new size-alteration device to put Megalopolis into a bottle, a group of heroes are sent in to rescue the city and undo the damage. Consisting of Unity, Tachyon, Wraith, and led by America's newest Legacy herself, the four heroes had little trouble beating down the mad scientist.

However, when they tried to reverse the device, they discovered the entire thing was a trap to incapacitate and humiliate some of the world's best defenders. Reversing the polarity on the size alteration device not only reversed the effect of the device, but also the direction of fire. When the heroes tried to use it to enlarge Megalopolis to its original size, they hit themselves instead. Before they knew what was happening, the Baron activated the device's self destruct feature, destroying it instantly!

Now our heroes must work quickly to reassemble the Baron's device, racing against the growing problems that are their expanding assets. Already their bodies work against them, and with every passing second their arms must reach further to get past their bulk, their legs must work harder to support their weight, and their minds must fight harder to resist these new sensations.

Will the heroes succeed in their desperate work... or shall the sinister scientist's scandalous scheme succeed stupendously?

Story by Sergeant Swell
Artwork by SednaStudio-Kaka

High resolution (3300x5100)

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