Short on Wishes

The tiefling archmage Lucy Lawful sat in her office contemplating the troubling news she had received. According to her friends, she was destined to let her reckless pursuit of power lead her down a path of villainy and bring ruination to the Realm. Her long legs straightened against the floor and her muscular arms flexed as her hands gripped the edge of her desk before flinging it out of the way. It was so easy to overpower her opponents with her body, and it excited her somewhat that her friends told her that she would continue gaining more. It frustrated her, however, that anything would best her, even if that thing was her desire for more power. Lucy opened her spellbook, turning to the most powerful and dangerous spell in her arsenal - WISH. This spell had many drawbacks, and could even kill the user if they weren't careful, but the mage did not spend long considering the pros and cons as the fate of the Realm itself relied on preventing this dark future from coming to be.

An image of her future self, stronger and taller than even her present self, appeared before her as the spell pulled on the very fabric of reality.

"I wish that I wasn't so reckless that I become this person." She called out. The spell took not only her words, but her intent of negating the aspects of this future self that she focused on, and then reality remade itself.


Lucy Lawful blinked. She was sitting in a chair... but her feet did not reach the ground. She looked down and was greeted by the long cleavage-valley of her new breasts, whose size defied her imagination. With great effort, she lifted herself out of the chair to find herself in an alternate-reality version of her mage tower, and waddled her way to a mirror in order to see her new self.

No longer was she the muscular 6'5" amazon tiefling destined to grow even larger, but a 4'10" midget of a woman. Her breasts, horns, and tail had grown significantly, looking even more ridiculous on her smaller frame. It was like all her previously destined growth had moved into these other parts of her body. The wish had also replaced her muscles with a soft, subtle layer of fat.

Then the new memories flooded into her mind. She remembered growing up as the smallest of her magic classes, how her breasts were already D-Cups by the time she was sixteen, and how she could use her huge tail to lift herself up to tall shelves. The new Lucy went over to her spellbook, finding it filled to the brim with all sorts of incantations for spells that could make one faster, fly, teleport, and surprise one's opponents. Notes cluttered the margins, revealing an adventuring life spent carefully preparing for every encounter. Lucy remembered how she learned to use magic to prepare her party for combat, how her breasts were F-Cups by the time she left mage college, and how her horns were used to store more of her magic.

A gasp left her mouth. Was she even more powerful because of her new body? Had being changed into a comically small and busty body made her careful enough so that the dark future was actually averted? Lucy cast a spell that teleported her back to her bedroom, where she removed her clothes, remembering how she loved every peak and crevice of her body, how she almost came when her friends told her that her already I-cup breasts were destined to continue to grow, and how she had been privately studying how to make her body even more exaggerated with magic. Shorter, bustier, longer horns, thicker tail - the possibilities were at her disposal with the amount of magic she knew!

Story by Knowledgeless
Artwork by StudioArieta-Fei

High resolution (4500x5100)

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