Sneaking the Goods

After her experience inflating at the hands of Yoko, the noblewoman found herself longing for another taste of heliomammary potion.

In secret, she began to hire various mercenaries and bounty hunters to track down another batch of the delightful potion, hoping to take to the skies once more. Weeks passed, but at last one mercenary returned victorious. He had nabbed a fresh batch of the potion from right under the brewer's nose. Paying him and thanking him profusely, the noblewoman quickly filled the largest bottle she could find with the bubbly concoction, speeding away into the woods for room and privacy.

Chugging the whole thing down, the noblewoman quickly lost herself in the pleasure of inflating her breasts, reveling in their softness and warmth as she rose into the sky.

Unbeknownst to her, the batch the mercenary had stolen was a bit too fresh. Without being watered down, the potion's effects were much stronger (and she had drank an extra-large dosage as it stood). Flying ever higher, her breasts began to creak with pressure, struggling to expand further with the relentless surge of helium. The noblewoman's only hope was that her breasts were large enough to begin with that they could handle the extra stretching.

Not that she was aware of this or of any danger. The only thoughts on her mind were of expanding bigger and bigger...

Story by buoyantboobs
Artwork by Bokuman

High resolution (3535x5000)

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