Sorority Problems: Hangover

Keiko Thompson woke up with quite the hangover from the last night's party. As she walked through her dorm, she saw a bottle of unopened Biggie Whiskey on the counter. Looking to get rid of her pounding headache, she grabbed the bottle and sat on her couch. Taking a swig, Keiko winced at the taste.

Unbeknownst to Keiko, that bottle of Biggie Whiskey was one of the tainted bottles that had been causing havoc.

As she sat there, Keiko's headache started to wane but another feeling came over her. Keiko was becoming incredibly horny. As Keiko started to pleasure herself, she started to grow in size. Her clothes began to rip and tear. As she came closer to climaxing, her foot broke through her coffee table, causing the bottle of Biggie Whiskey to fly into the air, spilling onto Keiko, causing her to grow even bigger.

Story by Slapdash
Artwork by Rosita Amici

High resolution (7483x5001)

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