Sorority Problems: Happy Hour

A new bar was opening and to entice new customers they were offering two for one on Whiskey. The bar owner managed to get batch of the, now infamous, Biggie Whiskey for a real cheap price. Little did he know his batch was contaminated!

Amy and her BFF, Lena, saw the offer and could not miss out on getting drunk for cheap and ordered two double-shots of whiskey. Both girls downed their drinks, but were surprised by its taste and they started to feel horny.

Lena couldn't resist and started masturbating, much to the bartenders shock and Amy soon joined her. As they continued to pleasure themselves both started to grow, ripping out of their clothes. The bartender could only watch in a panic at what was happening on his first night on the job.

Story by slapdash
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (3300x5100)

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