Spellfire Backfire!

"Take that, bimbo!" Was the last thought going through her mind before she directed a spell towards her tormentors. She'd had enough of their taunting and name calling, and just learned the perfect spell to put the lead brat in her place.

However, instead of unleashing her hex towards the group of cruel college girls, her wand simply released a quick spark and began smoking, as if it had short-circuited. What happened next only encouraged her bullies to tease her more, as her skin changed from a pale white to a deep blue. As her belly and breasts began to balloon outward, she remembered one of the fundamentals of magic taught to her by her aunts...

"A spell cast in hatred is almost certain to backfire."

Story by Nevacloud
Artwork by Oscar Celestini

High resolution (2500x3742)

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