Still Not Learning...

The former spy-master duo of Ivy and Lupus has been reduced to the laughingstock of their organization thanks to their last two missions (even though they succeeded at both). Though still together, their relationship had been strained due to Lupus' actions leaving Ivy in long-term recovery. Her body hadn’t shrunk back to normal this time. After multiple treatments, Ivy had been left with an hourglass form she couldn’t hide. Lupus, though he hadn’t directly been affected by the machine, had been affected by the decompression whilst he'd had sex with Ivy. This had caused some additional swelling in his cock, which had also refused to go away despite treatment. Unfortunately, even those failed treatment weren't free. As soon as they were both deemed fit, they were ordered out on another lab hit.

This one should have been easy. The organization had gotten hold of a master key that would allow any of their operatives to be able to walk right in without a single issue, find what they needed, and get out. Big money. Little risk.

As the duo were dropped outside the lab area, Lupus motioned with a playful slap to Ivy's booty.

“Ladies first.”

Ivy responded with a significantly less playful slap across his face.


“You’re going first. No third times' a charm for you!” Ivy was serious as she waved him forward, taking the rucksack and handing him the keycard. Lupus' face was on fire. Ivy had held nothing back with that slap. Thankfully, that meant she'd likely gotten everything out of her system in one go... or so Lupus hoped.

They found the lab. The entrance was a fortified concrete bunker with a single panel to swipe the card over. No cameras or other sensors... that they knew of. Sadly, there was a camera. The mastermind responsible for this lab's research was already well aware that they were coming and watched them with a wicked grin. Lupus went up to the panel and pressed the card against it. The panel beeped and the heavy doors slid open.

“Go on,” Ivy said.

The door slid closed behind them as they entered. Quickly finding another door (one that didn’t fit the old bunker-style look), they used the card again. It beeped and opened, revealing a lift. There were only two marked options: ground and basement (though the normal alarm buttons and key slots were there as well).

The lift started to move... but unbeknownst to the duo, their watcher had set the lift to go much deeper than the button they'd intended. When it eventually came to a stop, the doors opened to reveal what they believed was the lab they were expecting, every inch gleaming with the newest and highest of tech.

The duo were careful as they exited the lift, watching for any signs of cameras or scanners. The watcher was already aware that this duo weren’t your average thieves and had already disabled all other motion detectors. The watcher instead tracked the duo through a chip in the keycard. The watcher hastily tapped away at her keyboard, changing the readouts above each door as the expanded spies wandered through the facility. She smirked as she ensured the duo would follow her tampered signs right to their goal: the "server room".

Lupus spotted the sign and motioned Ivy towards the room. The pair quickly checked the corridor before slipping inside. The ‘server room’ was pitch dark as they closed the door behind them.

“Find a light switch,” Ivy whispered, almost immediately feeling a hand on her breast. “Lupus...” she growled, her tone very serious.

She felt the hand leave.


The lights suddenly came on, revealing that they were in a large, empty room that was barren except for vents in the corners.

“I don’t think this is the server room...” Lupus said, frowning when they heard a familiar whir.

“Lupus… what have you done?!”

“It wasn’t me this time, honest! You saw the sign!”

“He’s not to blame...” a voice suddenly echoed from nowhere, sultry and feminine. “...but you two will do nicely.” The pair looked around, seeing a mirror slide into place high on one wall. It was a one-way mirror for the mastermind's viewing pleasure. She tapped a few keys, and the room quickly came to life.

The vents started rumbling. A whooshing sound filled the room as gas was forced in and out of it. It wasn’t long before the duo felt the room's effects. Ivy's body started growing and shrinking. Her ass, tits, belly, arms, legs, and lips were rapidly inflated and deflated back-and-forth. Lupus seemed to be suffering similar fate, except in his muscles and penis instead. This torture kept up for what seemed like ages for the pair... until it stopped just as suddenly as it had started.

As the pair struggled to recover, Ivy was left with an hourglass form, tits and ass that nearly rivalled her size after their first encounter with such technology. As for Lupus, he was still laying on the ground, his very swollen muscles making him look like a professional bodybuilder... in addition to a cock and balls that were still too big for even someone of his newly-enlarged size.

“Now then... on to stage two.” The voice from the speakers intoned, the pair powerless to resist as they waited to see what this mastermind was planning to do with or to them next...

Story by Ondan Fifal
Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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