Possessing a ring with reality altering powers makes you hungry, and the man with the ring had a big appetite. The best part was that no matter how big and distended his gut got, the ring could fix him in seconds, making him look better than if he just worked out.

He walked in large and ripped, strutting like he owned the place. Since it wasn't lunch, it was very quiet. The small crew included his targets for lunch - two young coeds.

Part of the ring's power included a little mind reading, and the man knew that these were two nubile, nimble, and friendly women who were very open to some perversion. A rare smile crept in as he realized what they may be game for. But first, a massive lunch.

He walked up to the low counter, his stature and oversized genitals placed his bulge just above the counter line. The massive bulk wasn't noticed at first. The counter girl was too busy staring at the stud's muscles.

"Welcome to Burger Barn! Can I take your order?"

A deep male voice greeted her. "Hello, miss. I'll take ten double pounders, twelve bacon melts, ten large fries, and five devil dogs."

She was busy trying to get it down when she glanced at the mass of man-meat on the counter edge. She nearly gasped trying not to stare at the thing. The drive thru girl noticed her pal wasn't responding. She nudged the counter girl.

"Dessert," she hissed, trying to follow the rules.

The counter girl turned. "What?"

"Offer dessert!"

"Oh, oh, ah aaa..."

The drive thru girl smiled at the man, followed by a long stare herself. She just figured out what her friend was distracted by. The man gave a great show, but added, "And what about dessert?"

They both had to break their stare to find he was staring back at them, hands crossed.

"Oh, ah... would you... you like a treat?"

Drive thru girl nearly blushed while counter girl got very worried.

"Now, there's an idea." He smirked, and ordered. "I'll take a large milkshake - but use breast milk."

She was entering it when it hit. "What do you mean breast milk?"

"Well, what if I make it easier?"

"Oh, sir, what do you mean?"

He leaned in, both girls clearly shocked but still interested in listening. "I know about the guys who insulted you. What if I fixed it for you?"

They both were confused, but the man wasn't.

"Come on," he continued, pointing to drive thru girl. "She may have C cups but it didn't stop that one guy from passing her up for a full D cup bra in high school. And you," pointing to counter girl, "hated a certain itty bitty committee. Believe in magic?"

"what a joker," thought the girl at the drive thru. But the man only smiled.

"Are those a joke?"

The drive through girl felt the tingle in her tits. Her nipples went hard and her breasts began to swell. "Holy shit! What are you doing?"

"Getting my milkshake. You offered, right?"

The girls were now watching the dents in her uniform going from small golf ball swells to baseballs. Her nipples were getting hard, larger, and she felt something within. She was surprised by the wet patches; she was lactating.

The other girl stepped back as the first girl's new F cups were aimed at the large paper cup. While her tits continued swelling, she had her uniform off, the bra already gone. Her friend looked on, scared but aroused. Her friend was in the throes of orgasm while the man continued.

"Now, about that image problem. I think you deserve a tip as well."

The girl at the counter was still skeptical. "What did you do to her?"

"Only what she wanted. She has two handfuls of what she wants. How about you?"


"I know what you fantasize about." Her friend was happy and mixing the shake but her tits were the size of volleyballs. "Do you really think I was born with the bratwurst in my pants? You know what you want." The sexual tension was growing, but the girl's eyes wanted those orbs on her own body.

"I... don't know. Those are real?"

The other girl answered: "Look, they're natural! Shit, they look like implants but they're alive!"

The first girl shocked her pal by saying, "Yes, yes, I want big tits. But not those big udders, I... "

"You want a great pair of big breasts, just not quite that size."

She nodded as she felt it in her chest. Her breasts began to grow and she began to orgasm at she rounded DD cups. Her new chest stopped at F cups, large but not quite the monster pair her pal needed for the milkshake.

The grill guy came around the corner to see a massive guy across from two women holding their overgrown and perky breasts.

"Fucking order is up, where... Holy shit, where did you two grow those tatas?" Both shot him a dirty look.

He handed the bags over, but the guy added, "Now, now. Why fight? Girls, want to make nice?"

The two got hit by another orgasm while the grill guy's crotch began to swell more than normal. He was sporting a ten inch rod and his balls were now grapefruit sized.

"Enjoy those girls... I'll be back for lunch tomorrow."

Story by buckeye5
Artwork by Altercomics-Eduardo Bazan

High resolution (4400x6800)

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