Sweat Suit Trouble

Jennifer was enjoying a cozy stay at her cousin's snow lodge up in the mountains when she found a beautiful, black suede box sitting on a couch in the lounge room. In the box was the most beautiful golden silk sweat suit she had ever laid her eyes on. Tempted by its beauty, she couldn't help but to try it on. The suit was like nothing she had worn before! It felt like she was wrapped in a sea of warm pillows and it fit like a glove. However, after looking at her reflection in the bedroom mirror for a few minutes, she started to get a little sleepy. Jennifer walked to the lounge, sat on the couch, and thought about getting out a book to read when she felt a piece of paper inside her new jacket. Curious, she pulled the paper out and started to read the words aloud to herself. As soon as Jennifer finished reading the slip, she started feeling a warm sensation building up inside of her.

She started hearing gurgling noises erupting from her belly, feeling her clothes become tighter all over her body. Her breasts started growing out farther and farther from her chest. Her stomach started growing, slowly pushing out from underneath her shirt. Her ass was getting larger and thicker with every second, slowly squeezing their way out of her pants. Her legs followed suit, her thighs stretching to slip free of her strained sweat pants. Jennifer was in complete shock by what was happening to her once-beautiful figure. Her face was puffing up, gaining more and more weight. Her cheeks were becoming small pillows and her chins were accumulating at an alarming rate while her lips were puffing up into fat, glossy sausages. The fat on her arms was ripping holes into her sweat suit, forcing its way out of every little tear and gap, trying to expand even more. Her hands had grown into marshmallow-like, sausage-fingered blimps, unable to take the cursed garment off (even if it wasn't already pulled skin-tight on her swelling body).

Jennifer, with as little strength as she could muster at this point, slid herself off the couch, landing on the floor and rolling her way onto her back. She laid there, even that tiniest of exertions exhausting her as her body grew and stretched out of the remains of her clothing. As she slowly blacked out, the tattered remains of the golden sweat suit morphed and reformed into a matching golden silk bikini top and bottom combo for the newly expanded behemoth known as Jennifer F.

Story by Handy Tree 55
Artwork by Giusy Ianiello

High resolution (3300x5100)

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