Sydney’s Big Hit 2

Sydney was having orgasm after orgasm as her giga-sized breasts were feeding her with planetary loads of pleasure, which only seemed to increase as she listened to such an awesome song, but her joyride would soon come to an end as her mp3 player had finally run out of energy. Finally calming down from her progressive consecutive orgasms, she reevaluated her current situation as she gazed at her breasts.

She concluded that her breasts were individually the size of Jupiter and that the entirety of the human race settled at the edge of her colossal nipples. Even with a simple stroke with her fingertips against the enormity of her breasts, she couldn’t help but shiver as not just her touch but a trillion other movements along her breasts were causing her miniature nukes of pleasure.

But despite the intense pleasure flooding her brain, she couldn’t help but being disappointed as her growth had given her an indescribable euphoria that couldn’t quite be replicated by casual groping and grinding. However, Sydney realized something she had completely forgot. Her cell phone! Taking this opportunity, she found an unedited sound file of the song she was listening to, put on her headphones, and began listening to the tasty beat again.

Once more she felt the euphoria returning as she slowly began grinding against the sea of flesh that was her breasts. But before being lost in drunken euphoria again she felt an odd pressure that was being applied to her chest. Soon it began spreading more and more quickly, getting bigger and spreading further. Scared of this new foreign sensation she got a notification on her phone and found out women were growing continental breasts from a strange new phenomenon besides the giga-sized breasts they were currently resting on. And soon enough she found out that women were growing from a picture on the internet and would soon dwarf Sydney in hours.

Curious, she found the picture circulating the internet and that was it.

In a single second, Sydney’s breasts multiplied in size, from being Jupiter-sized to sun-sized to the size of the Solar System. But Sydney wasn’t paying attention to the details as the pleasure was beyond comprehension, nearly frying her brain as her body was being ravaged by pleasures unthinkable.

But a strange phenomenon occurred: her body began gradually growing along with her breasts, whether it was to adjust to the pleasure or the combination of the magic music and magic symbols. But Sydney wasn’t complaining as her new size was accommodating to the ecstasy that pleasure was multiplying.

Soon she was too big to see or hear her phone and was saddened by that fact until she closed her eyes and began humming to herself. And before she knew it, she slowly grew again and felt ecstatic and tried to remember the symbols again and once again multiplied in size.

As she opened her eyes, she looked around and was astonished to see how big she had gotten and saw hundreds of universes floating around her. And she looked down at her mammaries and found tiny orbs clinging to her breasts and noticing that they were breasts of women who too grew from the symbols but couldn’t see them anymore. Sydney was glad to be the biggest from the combination of both music and symbols, but why stop here?

She licked her lips and began remembering the shapes and melodies...

Story by SuperToast
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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