Sydney’s Big Hit

Sydney loved listening to this strange music that was written on a tablet 10,000 years old. It not only had a sick beat, but it also felt sexually mind-blowing while it made your breasts both bigger and more sensitive!

She had to listen to it.

She NEEDED to listen to it.

So, she put the song on her fully charged MP3 player (along with her fully charged wireless headphones) and set it on repeat so that it could help inspire some tasty new songs... but then she immediately passed out from staying up too late. Although asleep, Sydney was still listening to the song and continued to grow.
The next morning, Sydney woke up from her long sleep and found that the batteries for her headphones had died. Weirdly enough, she didn’t remember going to bed, but she seemed to be laying atop the most comfortable waterbed she'd ever rested upon. That's when she saw that the bed went as far as the eye could see. Confused, Sydney tried to get up, but found that she was glued to the bed. Snapping awake, she finally realized that it wasn’t a bed: it was her own breasts!

Shocked by the sheer size of her chest, Sydney instinctively slapped her breasts to make sure they were real. The sheer vibration of her slap rippling through her chest instantly caused her to orgasm.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sydney spotted a rocket descend from the sky and plummet directly into her breast and erupting in a massive explosion somewhere off in the distance. However, there wasn’t any pain. On the contrary: it felt like a million orgasms all at once!

With nothing left to lose and her brain now orgasm-drunk, Sydney took out her MP3 player from her pocket and turned on the speakers (because they had over eight hours of battery life left)! As the repeating music began to play once more, her breasts shuddered and jiggled as they grew. A sensation akin to a billion simultaneous orgasms followed as Sydney felt every centimeter of her breasts expand. She felt mountains being paved and skyscrapers getting rolled over... and loved every second of it. As her breasts finally touched the ocean, Sydney gasped as a cold shiver caused her nipples to harden and grow ever faster, digging across into the freezing salt water until her nipples were only half submerged.

Nearly allowing herself to believe that nothing could feel better than her current situation, Sydney was suddenly greeted by the touch of a thousand rockets exploding on contact with her breasts. She screamed in ecstasy as both her orgasms and the pace of her growth multiplied exponentially.

The size of her breasts was now incalculable.

Fully awake and feeling every sensation upon her skin, Sydney closed her eyes and moaned as she felt people traversing across her nipples to reach what was left of the oceans. Her breasts soon eclipsing the earth, Sydney's chest would soon become its own planet as it developed its own atmosphere and magnetic field. Not that Sydney cared for any of that. All she knew was that she hadn't even gotten through one hour of her song since she'd woken up.

Gently biting her lip, Sydney braced herself as she felt a bombardment of asteroids striking against her breasts...

Story by SuperToast
Artwork by Hmage

High resolution (3300x5100)

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