Tanuki Temple Tourist Trap

Mark had always wanted to visit Japan, having been an anime fan for most of his life. On Mark's 18th birthday, his older brother James granted his wish and bought them both tickets to visit the country. Mark and James spent a week traveling around Tokyo and visiting various tourist attractions (such as the Tokyo Tower and Akihabara).

One place of interest that James wanted to visit was a Tanuki shrine he had read about on the internet. Legend said that if a man made a donation to the shrine that they would be blessed by the Tanuki with great fertility and virility. Being a manly man, James wanted to visit the temple and hopefully increase his manhood.

At the temple, James and Mark made donations and were blessed by the temple Priest. Mark wasn't expecting anything to happen... but then the eyes of the Tanuki statue began to glow. Mark began to feel a strange tightness in his groin. He looked down in shock as his shorts tore open and his testicles expanded to enormous size. Mark looked to his brother James and was surprised to see that his brother's testicles were doing the same. Pretty soon their balls hung past their knees and weighed a ton. To add insult to injury, their penises shrunk while their balls expanded. Now they were both only an inch long and completely flaccid.

James and Mark looked at each other in horror and wondered how they were going to fix this.

Story by Gen-Awesome
Artwork by MisterEye

High resolution (2500x1876)

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