Testing Potions

Tyffani made a strange potion that (theoretically) allowed her to stretch without limit and make her body indestructible. To test it out, she lured a Tauren from a local tavern into bed. Then the giant Tauren basically used Tyffani as a cock sleeve. When he came, Tyffani was so swollen that her belly lifted her up and off the bed slightly.

What she didn't expect, however, was for the Tauren to pull out and immediately fuck her ass. Tyffani smiled as she clenched around his member. The warrior wasn't prepared for this and came again, causing Tyffani to swell even further and faster.

Soon enough, Tyffani was left exhausted and bloated with huge amounts of warm cum filling her every opening. Wanting to head to her lab so that she could write down her findings, but realizing she couldn't move anyways, Tyff fell asleep.

Story by iron-ninja327
Artwork by Altercomics-Gabriel Rearte

High resolution (6450x4800)

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