The Anniversary Swelling

The last few years had been rough for the pair. Ups and downs. Fights and make ups. Somehow, they were back together.

“Here we are again...” Raiden spoke as she slapped Jihl's fat ass hard enough to make it wobble.

“Somehow...” Jihl was barely able to respond before Raiden shoved her over onto the bed.

“Lose the clothing,” Raiden commanded as she took off her own clothes and towered over Jihl like the amazon she is.

In response, Jihl instead tried to roll over so that she could get a better look at her lover's naked body.

“Too slow!” Raiden snapped as she tore off the back of Jihl's outfit, completely shredding the sleek red dress with ease.

“That’s not fair--” was all Jihl managed to half-heartedly grumble before Raiden leaned down, pressed her cock against Jihl's eager pussy, and started to nibble at her neck.

“Well, we better even things...” Raiden interrupted herself with a moan and forward thrust. Jihl moaned in equal measure as Raiden's girthy cock stretched her insides. "...up” Raidien chuckled as she finished her sentence, tightly gripping Jihl's wide hips as she began to pump back-and-forth. “I bet you missed getting tenderized by my meat all this time...” Raiden enjoyed every moment as Jihl's moans grew in both volume and frequency.

“Always... miss the best….”

Sliding her hands down to Jihl's thunder thighs, Raiden positioned herself to lift Jihl's figure into the air. Suddenly, she started to bounce Jihl upon her cock as fast and as hard as possible. As a result, Jihl's breasts bounce wildly out of control, nearly hitting herself in the face multiple times. Raiden proceeded to pound Jihl at this seemingly impossible pace for what felt like hours before finally letting out a howl and erupting inside of her. The resulting blast inflated Jihl's belly with cum until it matched the size of her breasts.

Spent and exhausted, the two lovers fell forward to the bed and collapsed onto each other.

“Still... best...” Jihl moaned weakly.

Panting heavilly, Raiden responded by hefting herself up with Jihl still wedged onto her cock. Jihl groaned as Raiden managed to easily lift her off the bed with just their cock. “My... my... what a lovely piece of... cock jewellery... you make... my dear.”

Story by Ondan Fifal
Artwork by SednaStudio-LRC

High resolution (3300x5100)

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