The BE Materia

Tifa knew she had to work extra hard for tips tonight. Her tips helped fund AVALANCHE missions to strike against Shinra. Unfortunately tonight, there weren't that many patrons in the bar. Spotting a rich plate executive, she decided it was time to pull out all the stops. She grabbed the pink materia from behind the bar, turned to the executive and with a wink activated the materia. Her breasts bulged from behind her white sports bra, as the materia did it's work. Sounds of tearing seams quickly followed as her breasts ballooned out. It wasn't short after that her breasts tore through her bra completely. Tifa played the innocent girl not noticing what transpired and gave a wink to the Executive. 'Anything else I can get you?' she asked, 'and don't hesitate to leave a tip, I love big tips!' she said cheerfully.

Story by Anrilor
Artwork by SednaStudio-Jago

High resolution (2479x3490)

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