The Blue 32 - "Hands-On Testing"

"I feel funn--"

Agent Mason interrupted the test subject by slamming her figure on the button for the intercom. "Yes, yes, that is normal. Just stay calm and let the formula run its course."

However, after a few minutes of waiting... there was no visible reaction.

Agent Mason crossed her arms in frustration. "Damn. We were making such good progress after the last subject. What could be wrong?" She rubbed her chin. "Catherine. Double the rate of the gas being pumped in."

"Ma'am? We may lose visibility of the subject."

"Just do it. This is going nowhere otherwise. We might as well play around with it."

Her assistant obeyed, and soon the chamber flooded. The only sign of the subject was her panicked voice. "Hello?! I-I can't see!"
"Just close your eyes, and breathe in deep. Don't stress yourself out or you'll make the formula less effective."

"Ooooh... everything feels so tiiight!" The subject moaned.


A blouse button slammed against the glass of the observation room, actually making a small dent from the sheer force.

"Ma'am, the gas in the chamber is reaching maximum capacity. We need to stop or risk suffocating the subj--"

"Just a few more seconds."

Unfortunately for Agent Mason, the chamber did not have a few more seconds.

Suddenly, the gas broke through small dent made by the button, and poured into the observation room. Catherine gasped and practically jumped out of her chair. "Shit." Catherine remarked through gritted teeth. "M-ma'am, we need to run before--"

Catherine's bottom swelled against her slacks, ripping through the fabric and revealing equally tight panties. "Oooh! That feels..."

"It's too late, obviously." Agent Mason rolled her eyes, seeming more annoyed than terrified as her short black dress began to ride up over her mutually swelling breasts, belly, and thighs. Curiously, she pushed into her stomach with both hands, feeling the way the flesh squished and sloshed like a water balloon filling up. "Fantastic! Full body growth. It's working better than ever. Who knew that all we needed to see the results we wanted was to literally just add more gas!" Mason laughed at how simple it all was, but it quickly turned into a moan when one of her hands grasped one of her swelling breasts. "...My, my. Y'know, Catherine, it may have been a vague and unhelpful observation at the time, but the test subjects were right: this really does feel kind of..." Juice began to ooze from her nipples and dampen her white panties. "...funny..."

"M-ma'am?" Catherine was busy in the corner, her huge, ballooning ass having dropped her to the floor. Her back was to her superior as she tried to hide what she was doing to herself with her hands, though the way she was grinding her ass against the floor was much less inconspicuous.

"Mmm... you're still on the clock, Catherine. I expect some stellar data from this. Oh and... mmm... get over and give me a hand." Agent Mason ordered as she attempted to reach toward her soaked crotch.

Story by Fate-Full
Artwork by Altercomics-Ponce

High resolution (3301x5040)

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