The Commandant's Power

The Commandant had seen the research notes on the existence of Sirens and their reported powers, but had never attempted to unlock hers. Until now. Engaging her steel will, she forced her power to activate. As her siren markings lightly glowed, the Commandant initially felt her body growing stronger. It was like she was filling her entire essence with power... before she felt the pressure in her chest.

The Commandant opened her eyes wide with surprise as her top tightened around her swelling chest. She once again focused her will, this time to restrain her power once more... but it was too late. This new power she'd discovered was no longer her's to control.

Her chest continued to grow and grow, tearing her jacket apart as the weight eventually forced her to the ground. Even then, her breasts continued to grow until they were as tall as herself!

"Well... maybe Mondays aren't so bad!" The Commandant winced in embarrassment as General Knoxx's voice echoed out from an overlooking window.

Story by Ondan Fifal
Artwork by Mauro Vargas

High resolution (2550x3444)

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