The Date

We must have been at that café for hours, talking about everything big and small, mostly reminiscing about our college days. At a certain point I began to notice that something was making her uncomfortable. She seemed to be constantly moving her shoulders, and trying to adjust her black bra straps without making it obvious. I figured it was just my imagination, but it really seemed as though her shirt was even tighter than when she had walked in. She suddenly flinched and gasped quietly, hoping I wouldn’t notice (so I pretended I didn’t). A few minutes later I could tell something was still bothering her, so I decided to say something.

“Hey, I really don’t mean be awkward... but are you ok?”

“What?” She blushed. “Oh, yes, I’m fine. It’s just… my boobs.” She laughed, slightly embarrassed. “They started to feel a little sore after I took that pregnancy pill this morning. The doctors said that would be normal. I’m fine, really. Just embarrassed…” She blushed.

“Don’t even worry about it! We’re friends, remember? You can tell me anything.”

I played it off as smoothly as I could, but it secretly turned me on. We talked for a few more minutes, when I suddenly heard a faint gurgling sound. Abby, telling me a story, stopped mid-sentence and looked concerned and slightly scared.

“Abby? What is it? What’s wrong?” I said.

The gurgling noise got louder, as did the sound of fabric stretching. Abby looked down at her chest, and her eyes grew wide in shock. Her breasts were growing, getting visibly bigger before our eyes.

“Oh my god!” she yelled, breathing heavily.

She then grabbed both of her swelling orbs over her shirt, as if to try to stop them from ripping it. As she did this, it seemed like the fear in her expression had subtly turned to a strange combination of confusion and pleasure, as though she was enjoying how it felt, but was reluctant to accept it. She then closed her eyes and seemed to get lost in a trance-like state. She let out a soft moan as she started to rub herself, seemingly forgetting where she was.

Her breasts quickly became much larger than her small hands could hold. The red t-shirt, which was already tight before, started to rip at the seams. Her bra became tighter and tighter, which must have made it difficult to breathe. She gasped for air, and it finally snapped apart in the back. She screamed when this happened, which drew the attention of everyone else in the café. Finally, after about a minute, the growth seemed to stop.

Everyone around us looked shocked, not knowing how to process the situation. Abby, waking from her stupor, looked around and then turned bright red in embarrassment. Luckily, the red t-shirt she was wearing was still intact, albeit extremely tight around her huge tits. They looked to me to be about the size of cantaloupes. They remained amazingly round and perky, especially considering they were no longer supported by the snapped black bra that loosely hung around them. She suddenly stood up, on the verge of tears, and looked at me.

“I’m sorry!” she said, as she ran out of the café.

Story by winstonthewo1f
Artwork by Joseph Caesar S.D.

High resolution (1920x2967)

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