The Other Subjects

“Now then... on to stage two.”

The red figure tapped a button as she left Ivy and Lupus to the second round of testing, turning her attention to another set of monitors as she looked at the fleshy hourglass that was Jihl... but not Jihl. Just a spectre, a clone, it called itself the Coven Queen, and she'd been very talkative 'till she was thrown into the slime. Slime which now held her tightly as it waited for a command.

The red figure touched the intercom.

"Now... what did you tell me to do... blow off...? How about you blow up?"

The red witch tapped another button and a small audio chord began to play in the slime room before the slime started moving, forcing itself into every opening as the false Queen tried in vain to struggle. The Red Witch sat and watched through the glass wall as she grinned wickedly.

"What will give first... you or the slime...?"

Story by Ondan Fifal
Artwork by SednaStudio-BigJ

High resolution (3300x5100)

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