The Root Beer "Float"

"Damn-BUURP! That's strong stuff!", Maddie Hanson exclaimed with amazement as she put down the glass.

The tour guide, Loretta Lime, regarded her with disappointment and annoyance, "Miss Hanson, I told you a sip was enough for temporary floating. Anymore than that is highly unstable."

"Dude-uh I mean, Miss-UUURRRRP... Miss Lime, it's just soda. What's going to happen? Am I going to get a little bl-OOORP... bloated? Big deal."

"God she's such a pig." whispered a short-haired goth from the tour group a little too loudly.

"She's more like a Goodyear blimp I'm afraid, or at least she will be.", the tour guide mentioned nonchalantly.

"BURRRPPPP! What did you call m-wait, what do you mean?"

"Oh it will be any second now. Speaking of, I have great news everyone! Well, maybe not great news for Miss Hanson. Our hot air balloon part of our tour is no longer cancelled, however I may need your help getting the balloon tied to the basket."

"Har har. You all-BURRRRPPP! You all think you'r-UUURRRPPP s-so fucking hilarious don't you? All right let's move the-UURRRRRRRRRPPPPP!" The punk girl had begun to sweat, as something felt very strange as her words were being constantly interrupted by heavy burps. Her clothes felt... tighter. Not just her clothes she realized, but her skin. She squeaked as her panties sudden began to ride up her ass, and her designer top began to up to ride up on her large breasts. She looked down at herself and gulped as her feet seemed to be vanishing behind bloated tits and tummy.

She took a step back, and nearly tripped. She felt... lighter, yet bigger and bigger. And then there was something else, a growing fizzing, bubbling sound, like a severely shaken soda. It didn't make any sense, if that was soda in there, why did she feel so weightless? And the belching! God, was it ever going to end?

"Hmmmf!", Maddie bit her lip as she felt her nipples harden and her pussy quiver. The tightness was becoming overwhelming; like a keg whose tap was jammed.

"OooaaaHHHHH!", Groans turned to desperate moans as warm root beer fizz leaked down her thighs and bubbled down her chest. And yet, she still felt terribly bloated, and she was only able to pray that she could pour and belch at a faster rate. She took a step forward to go for help, or at she tried, but she was no longer touching the floor!

Story by Fate-Full
Artwork by Emmanuel Xerx Javier

High resolution (3379x4940)

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