The Secret Scroll 2

Anko Mitarashi was in complete ecstasy; every second felt amazing as her body felt pleasure beyond comprehension and it only continued to grow bigger from the potion she had made.

Then she felt an enormous surge of energy course through her body. It began to build up, more and more, until she orgasmed so hard that she multiplied her size; her body catching up to her oversized breasts and her breast milk flowing like a waterfall.

Anko began passing out from sheer pleasure but before she did, she used a ninja technique to repair her clothes, knowing that this was going to be her only set and proceeded to pass out.

Meanwhile, the ninja women of the village were dealing with this sudden crisis as the enormous Anko only seemed to be growing by the minute, but when they got wet from her breast milk, it made them bigger and more voluptuous.

Tsunade, creator of the potion, decided to attempt an antidote, uncertain if it was even possible. She gathered as many ninjas as she could in order to fix this dilemma by going to the source.

Climbing up the fishnet of the mountainous breast, they managed to reach the nipple to gather some samples. However, the nipple emitted a mist-like vapor of milk that caused all the ninjas to grow simply by inhaling it.

Before they knew, it they were drunk on pleasure; wanting more as they drank from the milk waterfall and growing bigger and sexier, eventually fighting each other for the nipple in order to grow bigger, not knowing that one of them made her way to the other nipple for less competition.

The ninja known as Hinata began sucking directly on the second nipple and began to grow to epic proportions. All the while, Anko had finally woke up when she noticed the group of tiny women tugging her nipple while on the other breast another, bigger, woman was growing on her own.

The struggle only escalated Anko's growth along with her pleasure; her body growing even bigger and faster. The women noticed the breast getting bigger and the nipple expanding along with the milk flow intensifying.

A ninja named Sakura drank this new growth milk and grew even faster than before. The other women fighting desperately to taste the sweetening milk, all the while Hinata was growing enormous compared to the rest.

All of them were growing in size and ecstasy, unsure if it would ever stop. Tsunade could only try her best to make a remedy for this growing situation of epic proportions as it was growing more dire by the minute!

Story by Supertoast
Artwork by Exemi

High resolution (5100x3300)

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